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“From Little Things Grow’ is the culmination of a lifetime of work in Remote Indigenous Communities

Before I begin I need you to imagine that you live somewhere else…..that you are an Indigenous person living in a remote community. In the 21st century, this is a difficult stretch of the imagination. In many ways, conditions are still the third world.

Imagine that you only have a single store to access all your requirements for daily living. Food,   Hardware, and General Merchandise are freighted in from faraway places and the Government forces you to put 50% of your disposable income into this store….this monopoly charges exorbitant prices for mediocre goods. You have no choice…. You have to shop there

Imagine that the enforced choice, affects your family budget and your health outcomes because the cost of all goods including healthy food is not within your means and this leads to the poorest health profiles and shortest life expectancies of any group of people in the world……that’s right “in the world”

Our Company, with your support, wants to change that picture…….to close the real gap

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